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About the Event

All big success stories start small. Microsoft started in a garage, Google emerged from a research project at University and Pupkewitz started in a small hardware store. 

Start-ups are the seeds of a strong economy with jobs for everyone. This is why we need a lot of them. This is why we need to INSPIRE Namibians to fund start-ups and accompany them throughout the sometimes tedious process of starting and funding a business. This is why we need to GROW the true heroes of the Namibian economy, creating innovative products and jobs for our generation, our children and their children. This why we need to CELEBRATE the beauty of new ideas and the courageous business founders who realise them. And this is why we decided to bring together Namibia's most promising start-ups and talented entrepreneurs with the region's top investors and mentors for a START-UP FESTIVAL from 9-10 June 2017.

We are looking for curious, innovative and business minded people who want to become tomorrow’s success stories – like Rising Stars! We are looking for true entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, who are willing to work hard, risk it all and take all the fame - like Rock Stars!
If YOU are one of them, see you at the Namibia Start-up Festival 2017 taking place from 9-10 June in Windhoek.

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